Brian Heywood

Fatal Shore

The Fatal Shore was a name given to the Australian colonies by the early settlers and convicts due to the harsh conditions - and the incompetence of the British governance.

However it wasn't just the new arrivals who suffered from the European influx. This is the oldest tragedy of our race is where a mainly nomadic culture comes up against a stationary agricultural society - Cain versus Able.

This song is Brian Heywood's take on the Aussie folk song "Moreton Bay" - with the story being told by a displaced aboriginal family rather than a convict.

The song was originally recorded in 2002 at Hugh Macdonald's studio in Melbourne and completed in Bluetongue Studio on the mid north coast of New South Wales.

Release info:

Label: POKE Records - Cat#: PROD032 - Date: 15th October, 2023 - Length: 3m 35s