Two Short PlanX

A stunning debut CD from Australians Toni Wood and Brian Heywood.

For more information about the individual band members, some live and studio sound bites then check out the website at www.woodworx.org.

TRACK Listing

       1. From the Bush - 4:14
       2. Wrap Me in Yer Airms - 3:14
       3. Jim Jones - 3:55
       4. You'll Never Know - 2:51
       5. Augathella Station - 4:34
       6. Drunk on the Moon - 3:28
       7. On the Wallaby - 4:18
       8. Outback Australia - 3:00
       9. Gloomy December - 3:13
      10. Streets of Forbes - 4:25
      11. Forty Days of Rain - 3:29
      12. Lay Down - 3:34

      Toni Wood - voice
      Brian Heywood - acoustic & electric guitars, guitar synth & voice
      Thomas Fairbairn - fiddle
      Donna Whitlock - hand percussion & kit drums

      Additional musicians

       ... in Australia 

       Peter Anderson - accordian
       Stephan Brown - fretted & fretless bass guitar
       David Hicks - kit drums
       Hugh McDonald - electric guitar

       ... in the UK

       Saskia Tompkins - violin & 'cello
       Sin Phillips - fiddle
       Brian Jenking - six-string bass guitar
       Richard Spooner - electronic kit drums
       Graham Goffee - electric guitar
       Paul Francis - fretless bass guitar
       Jacey & Brian Bedford - backing vocals (Lay Down)

      produced by Brian Heywood
      engineered by Hugh McDonald
                    Steafan Hannigan
                    Brian Heywood 
                    Brian Bedford

      recorded at Hugh McDonald's Studio, Melbourne, Australia
                  Oisin Studio, Wolverton, UK
                  The Point, Dunstable, UK
                  Park Head Studio, Birdsedge, UK
                  Sin's living room, Cardiff, Wales

      Cover Art:

         rainbow at Lochranza castle, Isle of Arran  David Blhdorn [www.kirtanphotoart.com]
         fence  Brian Heywood
         Outback Australia  Brian Heywood
      Special thanks to : 
         Stefn Hannigan - production advice 
               Bill Locke - use of his Fender Telecaster 
            Iain McLellan - help with the artwork
              Doug Jenner - for introducing Brian to "From the Bush"

Quotes "... - this is a beautifully produced album. A must for lovers of folk rock." - Musician (Summer 2005). "More sharp, blistering British folk rock from one of the newest masters of the genre..." - Crow and Wolf Music "... essential listening, and possibly the best thing you'll hear all year." - Jill Fisher (FiddleOn Magazine) "WoodworX's particular brand of contemporary folk-pop should appeal to a wide cross-section of listeners" - David Kidman (NetRhythms.co.uk) "sexy and unpredictable" - Score! Music Magazine "rocked-up folk with roo bars" - The Rake's Progress "Thank You so much perfectly brilliant Two Short PlanX!" - Serge Tikhanoff, Radio Penguin (Siberia) "Brisbane songstress supreme" - Loaded Dog Folk Club (Sydney) "Don't miss this exceptional singer" - The Star (Glasgow)