Tear Down the Barriers

The first CD from the UK based roots fusion band enQ was released in November 2002.

The band was formed as the result of a chance conversation between guitarist Brian Heywood and fiddler Vicky Brown in 2000. Vicky remarked how itíd be great to get this kind of music out to a wider audience. The "this music" she was referring to was a dance oriented fusion of funk, folk and rock. Brian said "Letís do it!" and enQ was born.

The bandís name enQ [pronounced eee-en-cue], means, well, nothing at all really. The band wanted a name that was easy to remember but didnít signify anything. The "meaningís in the music the words donít mean a thing" to paraphrase one of Brianís lyrics.

Okay, the band is energetic, and noisy and a Quintet but this just a coincidence. Really!

For more information about the individual band members, some live video footage, and interview with the original line-up of the band that was broadcast on Sky Digital then check out the website at www.enq.org.uk.

TRACK Listing
       1. a rabbit out of the hat   4:06 *
       2. the reverend sharpton     2:51
       3. the wind is howling       4:42
       4. the open window           3:35
       5. draw the line             2:46
       6. the musical priest        2:55
       7. drunk on the moon         3:50
       8. youngest daughter         3:23
       9. behave yourself           2:56
      10. turn the tide             4:01 **
      11. vicky's cup of tea        4:07
      12. the glory road            4:51
       1 - brian heywood and vicky brown
         2, 5, 9, 10, 12 - brian heywood
           3 - bambridge, donoghue & jenking
             7 - mark cryle
               4, 6, 8 - traditional 
                  arr. brian heywood and vicky brown
                    11 - vicky brown and 
                         trad arr. brian heywood

* dedicated to the memory of Roger 'Rabbit' Reece
** dedicated to the memory of Bob Czina

musicians vicky brown - violin and vocals brian heywood - guitars, guitar synthesiser, cittern and backing vocals sean devlin - vocals and keyboards brian jenking - six-string fretted and fretless bass guitars and backing vocals gary munnelly - kit drums and congas special guest jerry donahue - additional guitars on the 'wind is howling' special thanks to steŗfŗn hannigan - loan of his congas bill locke - use of his fender telecaster tim at gracieland - for all his help ross hemsworth - the loan of his ears donna whitlock - making the enQ banner initial sessions were recorded at oisin studios in wolverton (engineered by steŗfŗn hannigan) overdubs were recorded at the point dunstable (engineered by brian heywood) additional overdubs on 'the wind is howling' recorded at gracieland (engineered by tim) mastered at the point and oisin studios produced by brian heywood photography by leigh artwork layout by steŗfŗn hannigan and brian heywood cover concept by brian heywood
traditional material track 4 - the dusty windowsill / morrison's track 6 - the musical priest track 8 - the youngest daughter / an dro' track 10 - the instrumental is based on mona's delight track 11 - the cup of tea
Quotes "... and there are some rocking reel sets that feature the amplified violin of Vick Brown, whose name should be added to the list of top contemporary folk-rock fiddlers." "... agressive, top notch fiddling set off by periodic guitar explosions." Tom Nelligan, Dirty linen "... an unabashed, rousing debut album." "... an immediate, character-driven sound that reveals all kinds of delicious, individual twists with every play." "Just when it seemed as if newer electric British roots bands were getting thinner on the ground, enQ come as the cavalry. Very welcome and very good." fRoots Magazine "- magic." Jim Macquarie, Acoustic Folkus (Australia) "They have the drive and punch of the great Folk Rock bands -- Moving Hearts in full cry or The Battlefield ... " "A tight band, a great beat, a driving fiddle line and good songs -- you want more?" Folk London "What an amazingly innovative and energetic band; their fusion of folk, traditional, rock and funk surpasses anything other bands have tried to date." Tony Bates - 3WBC 94.1 FM (Australia) "... a great, feel-good album, guaranteed to get you on your feet ..." Wes Smith, Luton News "... and it certainly rocks! A very fine piece of work." Harvey Andrews "- it's awesome!" Jim Kloss, Whole Wheat Radio (Alaska) "There's not a bad song in the bunch - an exceptional flow from the very beginning to the end. I can't remember the last time I've said that about any album." Ron Wallace, Founder Music Discovery Network Creative Musicians Coalition "Tear Down The Barriers" is great album. Taclem, Folkowa (Poland) "... a high energy vortex which combines elements of Celtic, folk, rock, and hauntingly fugue like melodies that are universal and transcendent in their emotional impact." Joel Siegfried, SB Talent Associates (San Diego, U.S.A.) "WOW. A really exciting and lively band which appeals to a younger audience and makes you 'wanna get up and dance!' ... 8/10" 13 yr old quoted by Ian Pittaway (The Folk Mag) "Thank You so much for perfectly brilliant Tear Down the Barriers!!! Splendid, incredibly interesting work! We were glad and proud discover for us and for our audience creation of such bright artists as enQ, touch highest culture and mastery ... Thank You for joy of dealings with wonderful music!" Serge Tikhanoff (Radio Penguin, Siberia) "Vicky Brown's violin is transcendent; it takes you to another place where everything is good." Craig Clarke (Green Man Review, USA)