A Glance from a Train

The songs were written for the series of documentary plays which have been presented since 1976 by Stantonbury Campus Theatre Company & The Living Archive Project devised by Roy Nevitt & Roger Kitchen.

Track list:

Side One:
       1. Sheltered Lives (Paul Clark)
       2. The Wolverton Refreshment Room ('J' Cunningham)
       3. McConnells Song (Paul Clark)
       4. Stantonbury Village ('J' Cunningham)
       5. The Shrimp King ('J' Cunningham)
       6. The Ballad of Joey Guest (Paul Clark)
       7. This Auspicious Day ('J' Cunningham)
       8. Song of the Recruits ('J' Cunningham)

Side Two:

       1. No Heroes - No Cowards (Paul Clark)
       2. The Parapet song (Paul Clark)
       3. In Memorium (Paul Clark)
       4. The Khaki Train Song ('J' Cunningham)
       5. Letters Home (Paul Clark)
       6. There's A War On (John Close)
       7. The Works Song (Kevin Adams)
       8. It's Dirty, It's Dusty, It's Noisy (Paul Clark) 


Vocal and Guitar - Brad Bradstock

A big thank you to the song writers, Paul Clark, 'J' Cunningham, Kevin Adams& John Close for giving me the opportunity to sing their wonderful songs.