Shades of Political Song

All the material on this compilation has been donated by the performers to support the Political Song Network.

The project materialised when Kelvin Mattock - one the organisers of the Red and Green Umbrella Club - heard some archive recordings of live performances from the Red Rose Club in Seven Sisters Road (London). The Polical Song Network is a collective of songwriters, singers and enthusiasts that meets in groups around Britain to promote political song through performances and publication.

Track list:

Red Side:
       1. Stand Down           - Endangered Species
       2. Her Indoors          - Jim Woodland
       3. Tumbledown Dearie    - Endangered Species
       4. Won't you take me back to Georgia
                               - Roy Bailey
       5. Little Bosses        - Dave Lipman
       6. What you do with what you've got
                               - Roy Bailey

Green Side:

       1. Old Woman is Waiting - Janet Russell
       2. No Cause for Alarm   - Chris Foster
       3. Accidents            - Jim Woodland
       4. Last of the Great Whales
                               - Janet Russell
       5. Requiem              - Eileen McGann


  • Executive Producer: Kelvin Mattock.
  • Produced by Brian Heywood
  • Mastered at POKE Studios, St Albans, England.