Fridge in the fast lane

The Cluster of Nuts Band

Produced in 1983, the Cluster of Nuts LP "Fridge in the fast lane" was released at the height of the 'new wave' of English Country dance music. The 'Nuts' were one of the batch of exciting new bands that had finally thrown off the shackles of "Steeleye" and "Fairport" to produce an exciting new sound.

"... folk music bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm ..." - Southern Rag

" Worth a spin on anyone's deck" - Hartlepool Mail

Track list:

Side 1:
  1. The Shuffle
  2. Whale Catchers
  3. Beach House Boogie
  4. Ned Kelly's Letter
  5. The Abram Circle Dance
  6. O'Neill's March
Side 2:
  1. Souther Wind
  2. Lord Phopington/Hurlo Bacho
  3. Alehouse Rock
  4. Kelvingrove
  5. Queens Jig/Bobby and Joan/Mrs Casey
  6. Dr Syn


  • David Good: guitars, vocals
  • Graeme Harrison: drums
  • Brian Heywood: bass guitars, vocals
  • Chris Nelson: violin, vocals
  • Jim Shorter: English concertina, keyboards
  • John Adams: trombone
  • Alan Burgess: guitar
  • Cathy Lesurf: vocals
  • Ian Telfer: alto and C-tenor saxaphones